I am Zahid Ameer owner of Zahid eBooks (www.zahidprograms.com) from India, nearly full-time reference ebooks compiler and a net junkie, obeisant son touching my forelock, an uxorious hubby, putative father, bibliophile, animal lover, bachelor of commerce, a graphic designer and nature-loving. 

For me, life without a PC and net connection is like a ravishing woman without ocular and aural activities. I dote on the smell of the pages of my bibliotheca of 930 books (mostly in English), I take the smell of my books as aroma, savor, fragrance and incense. I take every page of my books as Billet-Doux. 

Sharing my knowledge is my hobby, avocation, rapture, ardor, ecstatic love of great intensity. 

Take care because you are the apple of my eyes.