Friday, 8 May 2015

Understanding Computer Numerical Control

Most Vital Aspects of CNC Explained

Have you ever asked yourself how machines in a factory know exactly when to stop making the parts they’re supposed to make? Well, this is all because of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). But to understand CNC, you have to know what Numerical Control (NC) is.

Production and manufacturing were revolutionized by the increased automation of CNC machines. These machines allowed a degree of added control over the quality and consistency of the components that were manufactured without any additional strain on the operators. This reduced the frequency of errors and allowed the operators time to perform additional tasks. Furthermore, this automation allowed a greater degree of flexibility in the way components are held in the manufacturing process.

With the advent of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), even programming CNC machines is a snap. These programs actually take the bulk of the programming process to make the operation less tedious. However, to be an effective programmer of CNC machines, you have to know what the machine you’re working on will be doing. That is why machinists are often the best people for the job. 

In this very useful eBook, you are about to learn:

+ Programming Tips the Professional Way
+ How CNC Helps Companies
+ Practical Applications
+ Pros and Cons in Sheet Metal Manipulation 
+ CAM: A Vital Component
+ Cycle Time Reduction Principles for Machining Equipment
+ Pad Printing 
+ CNC Machine Setup and Operation
+ Data Transfer Methods
+ In Depth Discussion In Planning Programs
... And so much more...

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