Monday, 27 April 2015

Understanding Body Language

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Body Language Can Truly Speak Louder Than Words

Body language can truly speak louder than words. Different body parts – eyes, hands, arms, legs – can be used in different gestures, with each one having several meanings. Body language is indeed a very powerful method to communicate with other people.  

Even without the use of words, you can effectively send your message to another person, and that person for you. The capability to understand body language can help you identify one's moods, emotions, feelings, and desires. 

The use of direct eye contact indicates interest, positive thinking, and sincerity. However, it could mean otherwise: mistrust, doubt, and suspicion. Lateral eye movements may mean the person is lying, or inspecting his surroundings, making sure no one or everyone is listening. If one would try to recall or imagine something, he would tend to look upward. Looking down may indicate as a submission to an authority, guilt, or domination. 

Your hand and arm gestures can also display different meanings. If you talk while facing your palm upwards, you show sincerity.  You may detect anger or fury from a person with a clenched fist. And if you encounter somebody who taps or drums his fingers on a surface, he is showing feelings of nervousness or anxiety. Arms crossed across the chest is a display of defense and protection from an outer source, or simply indicate a disagreement. 

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