Monday, 27 April 2015

Intelligence And Instinct In Animals

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Animal senses are not like human senses

Some animals see light that is invisible to us. Others hear sounds beyond the range of our hearing. Some are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field or to electric current. Dolphins create a three-dimensional image of their world that may be more detailed than the image we create by sight, but they do this by sonar (Sound Navigation Ranging) technique for detecting and determining the distance and direction of underwater objects by tracking acoustic echoes), listening to the echoes of their voices. The image of the ‘atoms and the void’ which a dolphin creates by processing echolocation signals in its brain is almost certain to be very different from the one that we create with our eyes and our brains. It may always be beyond our abilities to perceive the world as a dolphin perceives it, but by studying how animals behave, we can at least discover what stimuli they are sensitive to, and how these senses help them to survive.