Tuesday, 28 April 2015

From Mother's Womb To The Regions Of Light

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The Moment of Birth In Animal Kingdom

The moment of birth in Animal Kingdom is a major milestone. For weeks or months, or perhaps even years, the mother animal has been directing all her energies towards this moment. Now a new life has begun, to carry her genetic make-up into the next generation. 

Animals will go to incredible lengths to make sure their family line continues. Some animal parents invest all their energies in producing vast numbers of eggs and then leave them to take their chances. Others produce fewer offspring, but put more effort into nurturing them. Whichever strategy the animal adopts, the moment eventually arrives when a new individual opens its eyes on the world for the first time. For the parents, this is nothing less than a major success. But for the newborn, it is the first step along a road fraught with danger – a road which, with luck, will lead to maturity and a family of its own. 

In this fascinating book, you will learn about the astounding and intact facts of the animal kingdom.