Sunday, 26 April 2015

Discoveries of Life

Each life is an amazing voyage of personal discovery

$2.25 USD

How curious it is that each of us is born with strong characteristics, which are not at first revealed to anyone – not even to ourselves. Each life is an amazing voyage of personal discovery. 

In this ebook you will find interesting and astounding description relating human personality and behavior. 

Do people with different personalities have different brains? Is your personality inherited? When are stereotypes harmful? Why do some people overeat? Can mentally retarded people be brilliant? What is a defense mechanism? Why do some people check repeatedly that a door is locked or the oven turned off? Are some people really afraid to go outside their doors? What is an emotion? Is it possible to study feelings scientifically? Why do we laugh? Can thinking be observed? Why don’t we remember before the age of three? How can you improve your memory? Why is reading important? Are people with higher IQs the most inventive? Why is failure good for creativity? Is there a link between brain chemistry and depression? Why do people commit suicide? What’s the emotional value of money? How does alcohol affect the mind? How does cocaine unbalance the mind? Does the brain have its own painkillers? . . . And many, many more!