Monday, 27 April 2015

Classic Cases of Strange and Extraordinary People

19 classic cases of world famous people

In this very useful reference ebook, you will read:

1. "Anna O" and the birth of Psychoanalysis

2. The cult leader who became a messenger of death

3. The man with a shattered world

4. The baffling symptoms of King George III

5. Stephen Hawking's triumph of the mind

6. Agnes de Mille's personal triumph

7. A boy called Noah

8. Ivan the Terrible: 16th-century sociopath

9. The man with the indelible memory

10. The courage and genius of Vincent van Gogh

11. The up-and-down life of Josh Logan

12. The insatiable greed of Hetty Green

13. The wild boy of Aveyron

14. Twins, who found each other

15. The dark passage of Herman Melville

16. "Sir, you are the Greatest Athlete in the world"

17. The indomitable spirit of Mother Hale

18. The brothers who buried themselves in fear

19. The woman who saw with her hands

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