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Astounding Technology Facts

Ebook (PDF), 66 pages

Technology, like most aspects of our life that pass us by and we take for granted, has history. Since technological progress has been fast enough to send every one of us into a tizzy, we tend to lose sight of the pioneers, of the technologies that changed our lives. This eBook is meant to bring us closer to reality, closer to our technology history, closer to the people who made it happen.

$2.99 USD

How Everyday Things Originated

Ebook (PDF), 52 pages

Through the ages, human ingenuity has excelled at finding ways of making life more comfortable, and taking the drudgery out of day-to-day existence, this selection shows how 100 amenities, e.g. passport, silk, doors, watches, ice cream, locks, mirrors, newspapers, envelopes, toothbrushes, trousers, sugar, refrigeration, beds, knives, perfume, umbrellas, plates, postcards, wigs, toys, bridges, calendar, false teeth,  windows, pens, libraries,  soaps, playing cards, lavatory, scissors, safety pins, hospitals, chairs, canned food, bridges, cigars, cigarettes, dentistry, antiseptics, advertisements, compass, dolls, gardens, glass, flags, lamps, maps, matches, nails, paint etc. etc., which today we take for granted came about, some by happy accident, others by a long process of trial and error.

$2.99 USD

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Scenic Marvels of Asia

Ebook (PDF), 77 pages

Discovering natural wonders of Asia and Middle East. In this eBook, you will find about:

 …and many, many more.

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